…I picked up a new property man at Universal who was quite a nice guy.  he used to come around with funny teeth in his mouth and weird makeups.  I guess he was hinting - nobody goes around with a putty nose on unless he wants to be noticed.  Bu he loved makeup.  Finally I said to him, “What the hell is this?  Do you want to get in front of the lens?”  He said yes, he’d tried acting one in a stock company and had liked it.  He was a property man because he had to make a living.  So I put him to work as a couple of weird characters and he caught on - people began to notice him - and I took the tip right away and said, I’ll feature him.  And that was the start of Lon Chaney.  ~ Director, Allan Dwan

[Who The Devil Made It: Conversations with Legendary Film Directors by Peter Bogdanovich]

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